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#1 Re: Studying in another country » occupational therapy opportunities in Thailand » Tuesday 16th of August 2016 17:25

Greetings, Everyone:
Thanks for your posting about resources and connections in Bangkok - are there OTs in Bangkok/Thailand who may have some wisdom to share?

Best wishes,

#2 Re: Studying in another country » Internship and scholarship » Tuesday 16th of August 2016 17:16

Hi Silvia:

Glad to see your post. I am not familiar with scholarships/internships for working OTs in the States.

I am inviting someone who is posting from the USA to weigh-in on what you may know about this topic, or where Silvia could direct her inquiries.

All the best, and thanks,


#3 Re: Studying in another country » Welcome to " Studying in Another Country" ! » Tuesday 12th of July 2016 21:29

I am wondering if, through these forums and postings, people are making outside connections that address their topics, questions and interests?

Your thoughts?

Best wishes,


#4 Re: Studying in another country » Welcome to " Studying in Another Country" ! » Tuesday 12th of July 2016 21:28

Good Day, Everyone:
I hope everyone is well!

I have received student scholarship information from another Canadian University OT Program,  University of Alberta:
The Pansy and George Strange Graduate Scholarship. 
This award is awarded to a student who has a bachelor degree from a recognized University in India. 
For detailed info on this award please see this link. … age?row=60

As I receive this information, I will continue to post.
Best wishes,

#5 Re: Studying in another country » Welcome to " Studying in Another Country" ! » Monday 4th of July 2016 17:19

Good Day, Everyone!

As mentioned, I have reached out to my Canadian counterparts at other OT university programs to see what possible programs they have that support students interested in coming to Canada for OT education.
So far, this is the response from University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, in the Province of Ontario in Canada:

"Here is the information that I have about scholarships at University of Ottawa for students from other countries.

International students studying in French at the University of Ottawa (that is the case of the Occupational Therapy program) have reduced tuition fees:

See page 8 of the brochure that can be found in English at … nal_en.pdf

or in French at … tional.pdf

International students can also apply for University of Ottawa Scholarship, as described at under the heading “Scholarship and Bursaries for International Students” at … -bursaries   or “Bourses pour les étudiants internationnaux” at
For more information, interested candidate should contact the University of Ottawa Financial Aid service at

Best wishes,

#6 Re: Studying in another country » Welcome to " Studying in Another Country" ! » Monday 20th of June 2016 18:08

Greetings, Ndyowaawe:

So nice to meet you, too!

I am emailing my colleagues, each of whom is at a different university across the country in Canada to determine any information about scholarships for incoming OTs fro other countries interested in doing a Master of Science in OT here. I will post again when I have more information.

Are there other students on the forum who may be able to share information about this topic with Ndyowaawe from your own countries' perspectives?

Looking forward to everyone's posts!
Best wishes,

#7 Re: Working in another country » Welcome to "Working in Another Country" ! » Monday 20th of June 2016 18:03

Good Day, Everyone:

We have had an exciting and widespread representation through your posts since launching last week!
I have been reading these and am so impressed with the variety of OT services that are being offered around the world, and the interests you have in considering other places on our planet to provide occupational therapy!

As an OT in Canada, I thought I would post a bit of information based on Tina's questions about work in this country.

There are differences in funding and services between provinces as health is a provincial government mandate.
Many public OT services are funded in Ontario, for example through the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and some through Ministry of Community and Social Services. Some children's and adolescents services are funded through the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, and some may be funded through a combination of ministry budgets.
Private OT services also exist in each province. 

There is a growing trend to "push" the envelope of where services are offered, and  how they are funded, into new and innovative practice areas. Some examples:
- Family Practice teams, where OTs are becoming front-line service providers alongside the physicians, nurses, and some practices with social workers, nutritionists, and psychological counselors.
- Corrections and post-incarceration services
- Social planning and municipal planning in terms of equal access for all, user friendly neighbourhoods and services.

(In my educational role at McMaster University, I develop partnerships with community programs that help push these envelopes, so that our student occupational therapists can have placements (internships/fieldwork) in innovative settings, which helps prepare them for new ways of implementing OT services, and helps out community partners understand what OT offers. I love this!)

I am also including a link to a Canadian Government website that has all types of statistics and information about OT in Canada that you may find helpful or interesting: … 3143.shtml

If others have information or resources about their countries' OT landscape, this may be a great way of sharing this with forum members who may be interested in re-locating.

Hope everyone has a great day, evening, and night!

#8 Studying in another country » Welcome to " Studying in Another Country" ! » Friday 10th of June 2016 14:50

Replies: 18

Greetings to you and welcome to this forum that focuses on Studying in Another Country.

My name is Lorie. As an occupational therapist and faculty member at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, I work with student occupational therapists as they forge a learning path that includes international placements in some cases.

Together, we've discovered a lot of information and experiences that occur in the planning and implementation of an OT placement in another country.

As people who will post information, questions, and even resources in this forum, you will be able to share unique new information that you have discovered in this process, and collectively, we can help bring others on board in our discussions together. I really look forward to dynamic discussions together by way of our virtual connections!

Looking forward to getting started!

Thanks, and best wishes,

#9 Working in another country » Welcome to "Working in Another Country" ! » Friday 10th of June 2016 14:43

Replies: 71

It is a sincere pleasure to welcome you to the OTION forum focused on Working in Another Country!

My name is Lorie and I am an occupational therapist and educator at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

I am looking forward to working with you in this forum to discuss questions and topics related to working as occupational therapists in other countries, and anticipate that I will learn a lot from you!

I am hoping that when you post a topic, question, or information, you will introduce yourself, and where you are from so that we can make our virtual connections as interactive as we can.

I am really looking forward to working together!

Thanks, and very best wishes,

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