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#1 Re: Evidence Based Practice and Research » Research Priorities » Monday 27th of June 2016 21:57

Hi, I work in Ireland in an intellectual disability service. I really feel that we need further research into the area of meaningful engagement in personal care and domestic care tasks for adults with moderate, severe intellectual disability and the role of OT in this area. Due to a lack of OT resources in ID services the OT resource is generally taken up with seating assessments and other equipment needs. It can be hard to highlight the role of OT in promoting quality of life through occupational engagement. I have commenced training with nursing and social care staff promoting engagement and equipping them with skills to encourage engagement and independence in personal care and domestic skills. I am hoping to complete research on its effectiveness eventually. If anyone has started or completed any similar training/projects I would be really interested and grateful for any information or ideas in this area. Thanks Michelle

#2 Re: Evidence Based Practice and Research » What is the greatest challenge currently facing our profession? » Monday 27th of June 2016 21:39

I am working within an intellectual disability service and the biggest challenge at present is highlighting the broad role of OT within this area and its importance.

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