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#1 Re: Practice » Internationalisation: Please Help » Friday 12th of October 2018 17:58

Dear friend,

Will  you please send me your mail so I can give you some information about WFOT and the ways you can promote OT in your country.


#2 Re: Practice » OT in ICU and Critical Care » Thursday 3rd of May 2018 00:41

Occupational Therapy at the ICU of the National University Hospital
Bogotá- Colombia.
Mg Sylvia Cristina Duarte Torres1
The Intensive Care Unit, which opened in April 2016, has a capacity of 30 beds and comprises an interdisciplinary team of specialist doctors, nurses an occupational therapist, audiologist and physiotherapists. A psychologist and social worker attend interdisciplinary meetings along with the medical specialists.
The primary aim of the unit is to offer a service of high quality in a caring way, with a humanistic focus. This service is delivered to users through early intervention from the first day of entry in order to avoid conditions of physical incapacity and delirium. Communication with family members is encouraged through daily visiting between the hours of 10 am to 6 pm, with occasional short stays of a couple of days to help maintain the person in as an alert, active and well oriented condition as possible.
Every person coming into the unit has an occupational therapy evaluation (through relatives) to establish their previous occupational areas of weakness, along with risk factors (age, background, lifestyle etc.) The persons entering the unit are classified in 3 groups:
1.    Those with neurological conditions
2.    Those with respiratory conditions
3.    Those with coronary conditions
Treatment is classified in phases:
A.    Patients with catheters or mechanical ventilation
B.    Those withdrawing from sedation with possible delirium
C.    Recuperation through participation through activities

It has been demonstrated that occupation or engagement in meaningful activity is a means of re-establishing routines and patterns of self-care and stimulating cognitive and perceptual skills. Support is given both to recuperation of the individual and in aiding the family members helping in the process. Occupational Therapy has a key role in this, as intermediary between the human being who is a critical state with tubes, catheters, cables by explaining to them and their family what is happening and why. Activity is seen as key by the professionals in the interdisciplinary team who monitor patients closely to see how they respond to unimodal and multi-model multisensory stimuli and to gauge if they are able to engage in the activities we propose for them.
Occasionally we join forces with an audiologist or dietician and the physiotherapist works with us, for example to evaluate an individual’s visual range for working when sitting on the edge of a bed or in a chair.
Amongst the evaluation instruments applied are:
Glasgow Awareness Scale
RASS Sedation Scale
FIN Independent Functioning Scale
MOCA Cognitive Test
I have taken the opportunity to be part of this team and additionally to prepare final year occupational therapy students at a practical/theoretical level to develop decision-making skills. This is in an environment with a high level of pressure, stress and tension, due to persons being at high risk, as well as feelings and reflections of the team members, the arduous sessions and the worries of the patients’ families.

#3 Re: Practice » Czech Republic/Autism Spectrum Disorders - want to connect » Monday 16th of April 2018 22:11

Hi Jocelyn,

I will try to get some information for you very soon.
Can you please send me your mail if you don´t mind?

#4 Re: Practice » Welcome to the Practice Forum » Thursday 22nd of February 2018 01:52

Dear Rebecca please let us know what do you need, so we can support you more.


#5 Re: Practice » Occupational Therapist in disaster situation » Thursday 1st of February 2018 18:11

Hi Aurora,
You can contact Dr Kit Sinclair, Honorary member of the WFOT. She has developed a programme related to disaster management.
her email is
You can also get the book through the WFOT web page.
Will you please mention that I gave yopu her mail.
Good luck with your thesis.

#7 Re: Practice » Draw my job : Occupational Therapist » Friday 10th of November 2017 21:07

I think is fantastic.! Why don't you share it on Facebook as well?

#9 Re: Practice » Internationalisation: Please Help » Monday 23rd of October 2017 21:15

You can also contact me. Margarita.

#11 Re: Practice » Conformación Capítulos Colegio Colombiano de Terapia Ocupacional-CCTO » Saturday 6th of August 2016 23:35

Clemencia muchas gracias por escribir. Traduciremos esta pregunta a los otros miembros de OTION y estaremos pendientes de la respuesta apra enviartela.

#12 Practice » Welcome to the Practice Forum » Wednesday 15th of June 2016 07:10

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Welcome everyone to the Practice Forum!!!

Today we launch an exciting and innovative basis for the worldwide exchange of ideas on practice. This offers us the opportunity to teach, to learn, to share and to strive for global standards of support for our practice, wherever we are.
My name is Margarita Gonzalez and for many years I have been involved in the practice of OT in Colombia and throughout   Latin America not only as a professional practitioner but as a volunteer. I have been fortunate to meet many of our colleagues throughout the world and assist in the development of this wonderful profession. At the present time I divide my time between London and Bogota.

Please feel welcome to contribute to this forum and share your ideas for the benefit of the profession and of those we support through our practice!

Welcome!  Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Willcommen!

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