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Welcome to the Occupational Therapy International Online Network (OTION).

Our goal is to provide an online resource for the international occupational therapy community through this on-line forum.

You will have the opportunity to participate in discussion topics related to your practice area and interact with your international colleagues. A moderator, who will be a resource to the group, monitors each topic.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to international occupational therapy practice.

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Username Title Posts Registered
Alice Yuan Member 0 Friday 1st of July 2016
alice.larcombe03 Member 0 Friday 24th of May 2019
Alice30 Member 0 Sunday 20th of January 2019
AliceShipman Member 0 Wednesday 15th of June 2016
alicia.parry Member 0 Monday 20th of March 2017
aliciaPOT Member 0 Saturday 11th of November 2017
AliciaThompson Member 0 Tuesday 11th of December 2018
alig1988 Member 2 Friday 24th of November 2017
Alisonborda Member 0 Thursday 16th of June 2016
Alison_McC Member 0 Friday 2nd of September 2016
Ali_re4 Member 0 Thursday 8th of November 2018
Allenllenes Member 0 Thursday 25th of October 2018
Allison Member 0 Thursday 6th of April 2017
allisonmiron Member 1 Wednesday 17th of April 2019
allisonrinne Member 0 Tuesday 30th of May 2017
Alma Member 0 Saturday 27th of October 2018
Almarhoon Member 0 Friday 26th of October 2018
almay Member 0 Wednesday 15th of June 2016
Almazmaz Member 2 Thursday 19th of January 2017
alonumahes Member 1 Monday 23rd of January 2017
alow Member 0 Tuesday 12th of July 2016
alp101 Member 0 Thursday 16th of June 2016
altheab Member 0 Tuesday 19th of July 2016
alxgayle Member 0 Sunday 2nd of October 2016
AM121 Member 0 Tuesday 9th of April 2019
am2511 Member 0 Friday 29th of July 2016
amadda11 Member 0 Wednesday 15th of June 2016
amaksampath Member 0 Wednesday 15th of June 2016
AMAL Member 1 Monday 13th of November 2017
Amanda Member 0 Monday 20th of June 2016
amanda.dresch Member 0 Wednesday 6th of July 2016
amanda11 Member 0 Monday 20th of June 2016
AmandaBergOT Member 0 Wednesday 26th of October 2016
amandaferris Member 0 Saturday 7th of January 2017
AmandaLee Member 0 Tuesday 26th of June 2018
AmandaP Member 0 Thursday 14th of July 2016
AmandaSassu Member 0 Saturday 24th of September 2016
amandastephanie Banned 0 Wednesday 17th of July 2019
amarshall Member 0 Saturday 10th of February 2018
amberuhrin Member 0 Thursday 26th of July 2018
Amelia Di Tommaso Member 0 Friday 17th of June 2016
ameliamoran11 Member 0 Monday 5th of November 2018
amelie12 Member 0 Friday 2nd of August 2019
AmélieP Member 0 Monday 25th of July 2016
amenolotto Member 0 Sunday 16th of October 2016
Amid Member 0 Monday 5th of December 2016
amiraMoha Banned 3 Saturday 11th of March 2017
Amiron Member 0 Wednesday 15th of June 2016
amirucox Member 0 Thursday 9th of March 2017
amkeane Member 0 Monday 25th of March 2019

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