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#1 Friday 4th of January 2019 22:55


Which cognitive assessment do you recommend in long term care units?

Hello out there!

I just started a master course for neurorehabilitation and am looking for a possible master thesis at the moment. Personally I am working in a long and short term care unit in the geriatric field in Austria. We don't use a cognitive assessment at the moment (MMSE is carried out by psychologists) and usually we observe and develop our own "little tests" as licensed assessments or test batteries are not being paid by the employer.

I wonder, wich cognitive assessment is commonly used and recommended?

As OT in general needs to get more evidence based practise and specially focusing on group therapy treatments in long term care units, where OTs probably soon might be replaced by cheaper staff carrying out these group activities I wonder if it would be helpful having a good cognitive assessment justifying our work setting as OTs? (in Austria there are no OT assistants)

It would be great to get some new input on what it is like in your Country or which assessment you find helpful.


#2 Sunday 2nd of February 2020 19:02


Re: Which cognitive assessment do you recommend in long term care units?

Hi gee99,
I do not currently work in TBI or cognitive rehab. However, I remember the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS/LACLS) was pretty insightful when I used it many years ago. I do not recall how quick it is but it gave a lot of insight into abilities of the clients.


#3 Wednesday 4th of March 2020 16:37


Re: Which cognitive assessment do you recommend in long term care units?

Hi Megan,

Hopefully you will check this message.

You have brought up a valid and important concern about OTs being replaced by other staff for cognitive assessments. In USA, we did overlap with SLPs. In my practice in nursing facilities for geriatric population, I was using Allen Cognitive level (parts of it according to clients' abilities) and Montreal Cognitive Assessment for the population with dementia. These two definitely provided great insights into patient's inside worlds. ACL, definitely requires yourself to train first to get true scores. And the entire assessment has to be purchased for which you might need to request the facility or therapy organization you are working for.

I would love to know what else you found out so far, as far cognitive screens and assessments are concerned.

Good luck!


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