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#1 Tuesday 2nd of April 2019 02:59


OT in Israel

To Whom this may concern,

My name is Courtney, I'm currently a second year occupational therapy student in the United States! I was recently tasked with a project to look up the practice of OT in another country (Israel) and present my research to my classmates. I have been looking online and in research journals, but haven't had much luck. I understand that the profession of OT is on the rise in Israel and was hoping if any of you would be willing to share your thoughts and understandings of the practice in this country. I'm looking to understand the status of OT in Israel and any cultural, political and health/welfare all influence OT. If you have any resources (i.e research articles or websites) or first hand knowledge to share with me that would be much appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all the best!


Courtney, OTS


#2 Thursday 30th of May 2019 01:47

Re: OT in Israel

Hi Courtney,

My name is Shelle. I am an American going to OT school in Canada. First, I was wondering if you received a reply about doing a fieldwork placement in Israel. Secondly, I am looking at going on my level 3B (last) placement in April-May 2020. I hope we can connect and share resources and knowledge. I went to Israel/Palestine June 2018 and have a deep desire to return.



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