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#1 Wednesday 9th of October 2019 13:39


Work in US


My name is Diana and are now studying a bachelor degree in Occupational therapy in Sweden. My plan is to move to Florida when im done with school and have my exam.
I wonder if there is any one from Sweden who works in the US?
I would love to know how I need to do to work there.
I have understood that I need a master degree so thought of studying master in US but then Its not sure its guarantee OTED approval. How will I know if its approval with a swedish bachelor degree with a us post master degree?

Stands like this:

Education Requirements

To be eligible to apply for OTED, you must meet all fieldwork requirements AND have:

An entry-level master's degree in occupational therapy, or
A bachelor's degree in occupational therapy with a post-professional master's or doctoral degree in occupational therapy.
Additional coursework may be needed to satisfy requirements.

Please note: Earning a post-professional master's/doctoral degree in occupational therapy in the U.S. does NOT guarantee OTED approval. OTED approvals are based on the educational comparability review of your combined education.

Grateful for answers!
Best regards Diana


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