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#26 Sunday 21st of August 2016 03:12


Re: Welcome to the OTION Student Forum

stephtobes wrote:

Hi everyone.. smile

I'm currently taking up my last year of Masters in OT here in Cebu Doctors University in the Philippines.Aside from my Masters, I am also teaching BS OT for the undergraduates in Velez College. I joined this forum to learn more about the OT practices of different places. It is a pleasure meeting (virtually) OTs all over the globe.. smile


Hey! It's awesome to see a fellow Filipino here! Nice to meet you!


#27 Saturday 27th of August 2016 04:08


Re: Welcome to the OTION Student Forum

Knormile wrote:

Hi Everyone, I am a 4th year (2nd year Master's) student at La Trobe University in  Melbourne, Australia. I am from the US and wanting to work back there at some point! I am excited about this forum because I know I will need to work through a lot of steps to get my degree approved in the States and hoping to find others in the similar situation. In the meantime I am interested in the area of mental health here in Australia (and the UK)!


In a very similar position... Currently in my first year of a (new!) 2 yr Master's program at Swinburne Uni in Melbourne. Very keen to work in the US eventually, and want to approach things with that end in mind.

I'm very interested in paediatrics & the MH area as well.

Loving all things OT so far!

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#28 Monday 29th of August 2016 00:18


Re: Welcome to the OTION Student Forum

Hello from Boston, Massachusetts!

My name is Natalya and I am a first year graduate student at the MGH Institute of Health Professions enrolled in the OTD program. I am excited to see this platform for global discussion begin and hopefully continue to be used as a valuable tool for learning for everyone. A little bit about me: I grew up in Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, China, and South Korea. I finished my university studies and will now complete my graduate program in the USA. I am eager to continue my travels and feel this platform will help make valuable connections. In the meantime, I am interested in learning more about a variety of topics through the these platforms provided here on the forum. Additionally, I will discuss with my class of 40 students about utilizing this tool for the benefit of everyone subscribed once our school sessions resume in a couple weeks.

Looking forward to learning from you all!



#29 Friday 16th of September 2016 16:22

Re: Welcome to the OTION Student Forum

Hello! I am Nicole, a 2nd year student from University of the Philippines Manila.

If you have asked me two years ago, I can never imagine myself as an OT. Entering college, BS Occupational Therapy was not my first choice. I prefer Education or Biology. But because of my family's "talks" and decision, I took BS OT.

As I go on through college, I can say that I began to love OT little by little. Obviously at first, I had little knowledge of what an OT can do, but as I go on, I get inspired of what we can do not just for persons with disability, but for others as well. We, too, can touch lives. We encourage them. We EMPOWER them.

I also learned a lot from our professors. I learned to be competent, to be more sensitive, and to be professional. I learned to be more open minded of the issues and debates arising from our course and to think critically before taking sides.

As for my peers, it feels good to have these amazing people who support each other. Every test, project, and exam becomes more bearable and enjoyable knowing that we have each other's backs.

As an OT student, I also learned the concept of Occupational Balance. But I admit, that sometimes, I find it hard to balance my studies, extracurricular activities, and personal and family affairs. I should master better time management and setting of priorities.

As of now, I'm still on the rocky road of becoming an occupational therapist. I sincerely thank my family for the "talks". And yes, I can now envision myself as an OT in the future. smile


#30 Friday 16th of September 2016 17:58


Re: Welcome to the OTION Student Forum

Hello there. I'm Jon. I'm a mature 3rd (and final) year occupational therapy bsc student studying in England. I'm due to start my final placement in a larger hospital covering trauma and orthopaedics for three months. This should be very interesting.

I definitely think there's still a place in the world for forums. I'm a member of the various Facebook groups but all the information passes by so quick and is a pain to dig back up when really needed. Hoping this will be a useful platform to share resources.


#31 Wednesday 28th of September 2016 13:05


Re: Welcome to the OTION Student Forum

Hello everyone! I'm Ito Yrastorza from the Philippines. It's great to see other Filipinos on a forum like this! And It's great to see lot's of people from other places, too!

Right now I'm in the second year of a BS degree course in OT here in UP Manila. I found OT thanks to my tito (uncle) in California who's a practicing OT. Someday, I hope to be able to go back to my hometown (where there's only one practicing OT) and help out where I can.

Looking forward to communicating with everyone here! I hope these forums become as lively as those from older sites! (I like forums hehehe)


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