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#1 Monday 2nd of March 2020 07:21


Brainstorming to find alternate career for an OT w/ RSI

Hi OT scientists and evidence based practitioners,

I am exploring creative ideas for occupational modification to assist a fellow occupational therapist who has been experiencing myriad of symptoms that fall under Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). They have signs of mild carpal tunnel, tendonitis on extensor wad, tennis elbow and sporadic median and ulnar nerve irritability from the very well known excessive computer use and poorly set up ergonomics at work location. Consistent use of laptop and phone can trigger symptoms. They have experienced the nerve irritability at its peak during stressors and high work demands to immense relief with halt on all such triggers. However, almost a year and half since the onset and after 6 mths of on and off rehab, the problem persists.
They are now looking for :
1. Alternate career options to be able to utilize decade worth of OT experience
2. Lighter job roles as an OT that does not require lifting heavy and excessive typing

Context: Vancouver, Canada.

Ofcourse, their treatment has included stretching exercises, healthy diet and exercise routine, energy conservation and work simplification and energy conservation, supportive braces ad splints, cold>>>heat application, ayurvedic treatment, and nerve pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find articles and or resources that are geared towards assisting healthcare practitioners to use their own art when their bodies are negatively impacted! I'd be happy to learn more about such research studies and promotion for the physical health of clinicians themselves.

Please help me out so together we can create an avenue not just for this clinician but also for many others who aren't speaking up and the ones who might come across such situations in the future.
Look forward to hearing from the community.



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