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#1 Wednesday 18th of November 2020 09:12


Occupational Therapy & World AIDS Day 2020


I'm an occupational therapist based in the UK and am running a Twitter campaign for World AIDS Day this year.

I run the Twitter account @OT_Expert and am passionate about raising awareness of occupational therapy globally, and how the profession can help and support people in all areas of life.

I'm asking people from all over the world, to contribute a 30 second video and send it to me, on anything positive and/or important they want to say about HIV.

I'm also asking lots of occupational therapists, other health professionals, charities and organisations to make videos on the support and services they provide and asking people living with HIV to send in messages too, about the support they've receive from OTs and other professionals/groups.

It would be great if any OTs here also wanted to participate and/or promote this in any way?

I will be tweeting all the messages I receive, one by one on the day, tagging and crediting each person/organisation.

I hope to raise awareness of occupational therapy, AIDS/HIV and all the wonderful people who help and support people living with HIV.

I'm leaving the style and type of video completely open, to allow people to be as creative as they like. I'm also happy for people to send in more than 1 video and you could send in a few, on different topics if you like.

The video doesn't have to be someone talking to the camera, if you're camera shy!

Ideally, I'd like the videos to be submitted by the 25th November if possible, so I have time to collate them all. If you need more time though, just let me know smile

If videos could be sent to via Google, One Drive, WeTransfer or similar, that would be great. Please avoid sending the video direct by email as this will overload my inbox!

This is an international project and I'm looking to have as many people contribute as possible, so if you know of anyone else or other organisations who might be interested, do let them know or you could let me know and I will happily contact them.

The Terrence Higgins Trust and other national and international HIV organisations are also participating


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