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#1 Thursday 25th of August 2016 11:59


Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Games

Hi all,

OT student at Oxford Brookes Uni, UK, here. Sponsored by my employer, the NHS, to study OT and a graduate of Fine Art. Twitter handle: mrkwhtmnOT

Thought I'd start a new topic on VR / AR / Games and their use in OT here. To connect with others thinking about and/or doing something in this area.

Please post below an intro to yourself, your interest in the aforementioned VR/AR/Games arena, and any social media accounts you'd be happy to connect with people on.

With thanks,


#2 Friday 7th of October 2016 13:38


Re: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Games

Hi Mark!

Although I have very little background in any of that in terms of programming, I've also considered the use of video games in practice. Although I'm not far enough yet into studies to be able to make any specific statement on it, I have written a short (if not amateurish) paper regarding the potential of games for OT. You can e-mail me at if you're interested in reading it, although that's about all I can contribute to this topic (at this time; I may know more in the future). Cheers!



#3 Wednesday 26th of October 2016 17:56


Re: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Games


I work with people who have intellectual disabilities. With some of them  I use eye gaze technology that allows them to control computer for communication and for gaming only with their eyes. For others I´m using touchable monitors and for those who are capable regular mouse as a input method for a computer. I use communicator 5 program to make special and meaningful pages for them. Also I´m looking into ways how they could control their environment. Some of them really love to play and it has brightened their days.



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