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#1 Tuesday 13th of September 2016 19:28


Paeds OTs in the Netherlands- please help

Good day all,

I am an OT with 5 years experience currently running my own Paediatric Practice in South Africa. I  have a special interest in Sensory Integration and have almost finished the training with the South African Institute of Sensory Integration (SAISI).

My husband and I are looking to relocate to Amsterdam, possibly in January 2017, and I was wondering if any of you would be available to answer some of my questions. I know there is quite a process for the application but would love to get an idea of what paediatric (especially SI) OT is like in the Netherlands. Perhaps you could even point me in the right direction- I'd really appreciate any help or advice!

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards,

Kerri Sassen


#2 Saturday 17th of September 2016 02:02


Re: Paeds OTs in the Netherlands- please help

I suggest you contact the Netherlands Association of Occupational Therapists. I am sure they would be able to answer your questions and/or direct you to who could be of help to you. Another resource for you could be the WFOT Delegate from the Netherlands. You can find her contact information on the WFOT website.
Best of luck to you!
Sandra Bressler, BOT, OT, MA, FCAOT
Program Coordinator, Practice Development
World Federation of Occupational Therapists


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