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#1 Thursday 25th of January 2018 11:37

Occupational Therapist in disaster situation

Hello, I'm a student of OT in Italy and I am very interested in OT in disaster situation.
Here in Italy OT don't work in these situations; I want to know in other countries how OT work and realize why in Italy there's no OT in the team, and promote our profession.
I would like to write the final thesis about it, and I'm searching articles about the role of OT in disaster situation, what we can practically do in case of a natural emergence. I have found some articles but not the real thing OT did, how they work and what they really do.
Do someone work in this field? Can you help me with some articles and suggestion?
Thank you a lot,



#2 Thursday 1st of February 2018 18:11


Re: Occupational Therapist in disaster situation

Hi Aurora,
You can contact Dr Kit Sinclair, Honorary member of the WFOT. She has developed a programme related to disaster management.
her email is
You can also get the book through the WFOT web page.
Will you please mention that I gave yopu her mail.
Good luck with your thesis.


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