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#1 Wednesday 25th of April 2018 03:02


Professional Practice Education

My name is Veronica Mayfield and I am a Mental Health Occupational Therapist working in a community team in rural South Australia, however, my work location is quite remote from the rest of my team i.e. 210kms away.
Over the past 5 years I have supervised OT students undertaking community development projects as part of their undergraduate or Master of OT degrees and I also am looking forward to supervising students on clinical placement.
I am seeking to connect with other Occupational Therapists who currently supervise undergraduate/Masters occupational therapy students as well as professional practice educators who provide professional practice placements.
As I am (not quite) a sole practitioner it would be helpful if I could discuss best practice and  innovative ideas as well as share resources and identify and discuss any issues that we have encountered in the provision of professional practice placements.

I am looking forward to hearing from any interested OTs.
Thank you.

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Re: Professional Practice Education

Veronica Mayfield. This is Md. Safayeter Rahman from Bangladesh.  I am an Occupational Therapist and  working as a lecturer  at Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (The academic institute of CRP). My interested area is Mental Health.So if you want I will try my level to support you.
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#3 Sunday 14th of October 2018 04:12

Re: Professional Practice Education

Hi Veronica,

Good on you for 'just doing it' rather than letting it be all too hard. And what a valuable experience for students to taste a rural context!

In Tasmania there's no occupational therapy program, so practice educators host students from other states but can't typically join university events or training - so networks are really important.

I too have a mental health background, and have hosted many occupational therapy placements at the Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania with a community development approach (e.g. working with community leaders to build their capabilities to manage an Incorporated Association) and more typically in direct service delivery (e.g. case work, skill programs, group info / events etc. in the settlement team).

This year the Australia and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators conference came to Hobart. It was a wonderful chance to value, reflect and develop in the role as practice educator. Really happy to make a phone date if you'd like to talk shop with a nerd smile Perhaps look me up on LinkedIn so we don't have to exchange numbers on the WWW.



Settlement Services Coordinator, Migrant Resource Centre. All views my own. Sporadic tweets from Tasmania @ClarissaAdriel


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