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#1 Thursday 24th of May 2018 19:44


O.T. Podcast (NEW!) for O.T.'s, Parents, Students, Children, and More!


My name is Tani and I wanted to share a free resource: my podcast, that I started recently.

It is a podcast featuring different topics within O.T. land and incorporates suggestions, activities, session ideas, tasks, tips, and advice from my experience practicing as an elementary school-based occupational therapist for the past few years.

Feel free to listen and share with others!

I post new audio episodes on weekdays (usually) and they are between 5-10 minutes only!

They are on iTunes Podcasts labeled as "O.T. Talk With Mr. T" and available through anchor here:

Business cards about the show are available as well, as well as questions/suggestions/comments are welcome at

I hope it helps!


Tani/Mr. T

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