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#1 Tuesday 12th of June 2018 15:58

Occupation and Trauma


Our company is hosting a 2 day workshop this November,  "Occupation and Trauma:  Expanding Occupational Therapy Practice."   

With a heightened focus on mental health, this workshop is a must for any occupational therapist! 

This two-day workshop will explore the nature and prevalence of trauma and resulting impacts, introduce and utilize an occupational therapy trauma intervention framework, and present holistic practice methods that include families and support networks.

Goals and Learning Objectives:
1.    Develop a working knowledge of trauma and its impact on daily life;
2.    Increase understanding of the exposures of first responders, military personnel and Veterans;
3.    Utilize an evidence-informed occupational therapy trauma intervention framework;
4.    Expand consideration of the impact of trauma on families and support networks;
5.    Explore opportunities for growth in occupational therapy practice.

For more details and to register please visit our website


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