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#1 Wednesday 24th of October 2018 19:07


O.T. Podcast (Season Two!)

“O.T. Talk With Mr. T,” a free occupational therapy radio show podcast, is back for season two with a plethora of free information including activities, advice, tips, suggestions and ideas tackling everyday objects in the classroom and home with fine motor activities to go along with it incorporating the fundamental skills such as the tripod and pincer grasp!
Join the show where Mr. T guides you on a ten minute journey on weeknights navigating the objects you see everyday but might not think of using in OT ways.
Bonus: Stay tuned for special episodes with the help of tip sheets from resources such as AOTA!
Don’t miss it! Find it on any podcast forum (ie iTunes podcasts) with the name “O.T. Talk With Mr.T”
Or Tune in at :


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