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#1 Monday 13th of November 2017 21:04



The US November 13-17 is Education Week. States are offering tips on how to get involved on individual sites.

AOTA is offering free ceu's for members only, and reminder 12 are accrued each year totally 36 over a renewal period of 3 years, so 12 an average.

Virtual Therapy is here, and Human Resources for Mental Health needs have been voiced for assistance in Puerto Rico, following their devastation of properties and economy, and disrupted well being. Boondocks K9 rescue and *CERT have posts on faceboook pleading for support for fishermen(-women) :need their tools either replaced or loaned til their boats possibly could be retrievable. There would be no fish industry, income, or lifestyle revolving within their communities were their lifestyle is integral with the fishing industry.


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