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#1 Thursday 20th of October 2016 17:18


Studying In Europe

Hello everyone!
I really need some help and guidance in looking and applying for schools in Europe. I am from the United States and I have finished a degree in Occupational Therapy Assistant. I am mostly interested in the Netherlands and Greece schools in a bachelors of occupational therapy degree and would like to study it in English. Does any one have in school in minds that I can check out? I am also open to other countries as well if the schools are great. Thank you!


#2 Wednesday 7th of June 2017 10:50


Re: Studying In Europe

And a very late answer, but i just registered here on wfot.
Im an OT in Sweden, and i Went to Maastricht, The Netherlands for my last 10 week internship in 2012, and it was wonderful! I loved the country, the people and my tutors who helped me alot. The school is Hogescool Zuyd and is located i Heerlen, but i stayed in Maastricht, which could provide internship at the academic hospital, AZM.
Have you found a Place yet?


#3 Friday 11th of August 2017 09:13


Re: Studying In Europe

Hi.. I'm Indonesian..
Anybody knows where's the university that we can apply for master occupational therapy program in Germany?
Actually I'm going to graduate from polytechnic Surakarta then I will get diploma degree. Is that possible that I can continue to the master degree? Bcs my degree isn't Bachelor.
It would be great if someone's can give the information. Thank you smile


#4 Friday 1st of June 2018 12:45

Re: Studying In Europe


you can do a Master in OT in Germany at HAWK in HIldesheim (close to Hannover): … 184120.php

They also have an Bachelor which is a bridging degree (from diploma to Bachelor): … 184118.php

Another bridging degree is at Zuyd University in Heerlen /the Netherlands: … tudiengang

All of those above are taught in German ;-)

Kind regards,


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