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#1 Sunday 30th of December 2018 00:48

Stellite Alloy 4 Bushing (Application and Some Information)

Sytop is a professionla Stellite Alloy manufacturer, our products with hight quality, the topic of this article is Stellite Alloy 4 Bushing (Application and Some Information). Stellite 4 sleeve are the advantaged products for us , we have produced more than thousands specifications and all of them are produced upon customer’s drawing .

This kind of Stellite 4 sleeve is for Galvanized production line. As its excellent wear and corrosion resistance .

Now we could supply ,316L and Stellite composite structure sleeve and ceramic with 316L composite structure sleeve .

Application Of Stellite Alloy 4

Material Choose
Typical Application

Stellite 6
Hot-dip galvanized production line used bushing ,sink roll and sleeve and bearing bush
Powder metallurgy & investment casting

Stellite 4

Tribaloy 400

Tribaloy 800

Tantung Alloy

Our faith is that the quality and customer's demands are always the first important thing for everyone in our Stellite Alloy 12 company.


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