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#1 Wednesday 31st of July 2019 20:05

Internationalisation: Searching for OTs from different Countries


my name is Alex, and I’m an occupational therapy student in my 4th semester. I live in Germany and study at the Zuyd Hogeschool in the Netherlands. Within my studies I got the task to find multiple people from different countries and cultural backgrounds to collaborate in a short video concerning internationalization of occupational therapy.
You would make an important contribution to me personally and for the profession of occupational therapy in Germany and the Netherlands if you’d like to participate.
I’ll give you an overview of what your role in this would be before you decide to take part.
If you participate your task would be to film a short sequence of yourself (with your smartphone or similar) in which you state in which country you live and then answer the following question:
“What is occupational therapy in your perspective? What does occupational therapy mean to you?”
For example: “Hi, I’m from… and occupational therapy means to me...”
The short video should have a length of approximately 30 seconds.
My task in this is to find at least 8 occupational therapists who are willing to send me their statement. Afterwards I’ll assemble them to a Video of joined statements to present them to my fellow students and lecturers, so it surely will not be published on YouTube, social media, or similar. If you are interested I would like to provide you with the finished product.
I would be very glad if you decide to take part in this.
If you have further questions or concerns dont hesitate to ask me.
If you want to send me the short video, you can contact me at this Mail adress (

Best regards and I'm looking forward for your answers and vids!


#2 Tuesday 6th of August 2019 10:22


Re: Internationalisation: Searching for OTs from different Countries

Hi Alex,

I sent you an email few days back. I didn't get a reply yet.


Pradeep Gunarathne
Sri Lanka


#3 Thursday 24th of October 2019 16:53

Re: Internationalisation: Searching for OTs from different Countries

Hi Alex, id be up for that, we need to collect engagement interactions with OT students abroad, im a first year student in kent uk.

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