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#1 Wednesday 18th of September 2019 03:49


Student's Rights , Educational Standard and power struggles

This is Mohammad Sadat Ex Delegate Bangladesh Occupational Therapy Association . Graduated in the year 2000 . in the year 2002 attended WFOT in Stockholm. At present working as program coordinator of Day program for person with Autism and special needs in Canada.Lately I was wondering how WFOT oversee the standard of education and make sure that a program which get approval of WFOT minimum standard , how it keep its competency ? What are the student's rights in the program ? What if student can't express any concern about the program? what can be done, while student feels they don't have any rights to express any concern ? who should one suppose to hold accountable ?

Under the Great Logo and certification of WFOT,  can any program run in a developing country with WFOT certification ?

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#2 Tuesday 31st of December 2019 23:59


Re: Student's Rights , Educational Standard and power struggles

Mohamad Sadat,
Thank you for posting on our forum. I apologize for the long delay. Have you had any luck in answering your question? I am not the best person to answer your question, but if you are still looking for an answer, I can connect you to a person who can answer your question.

All the best,


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