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#1 Thursday 7th of May 2020 13:16


Research Projects Related to OT in India

Hi everyone,

I am an occupational therapist and a freelance researcher. In my research, I explore the professional issues that impact the profession of occupational therapy (OT), especially in developing countries. I have published several research papers related to OT practice in India. I thought sharing them here may help anyone who is interested in learning about the OT workforce/practice in India.

1. An Investigation into Medical Practitioners’ Awareness of Occupational Therapy in South India: A Survey ( … ulast=Mani)
2. Occupational Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis – A Case Study ( … ulast=Mani)
3. Occupational Therapy Workforce in India: A National Survey (conducted in 2018) ( … ulast=Mani)
4. Occupational Therapists’ Perception of Efficacy of Sensory Integration in Tamil Nadu, India: A Statewide Survey ( … ulast=Mani)
5. Outcome Measures Used in Stroke Rehabilitation in India: A Scoping Review ( … ulast=Mani)Compensation Received by Occupational Therapists in India: A National Survey (conducted in 2015) (
6. Occupational Therapy Private Practice in Tamil Nadu, India: A State-wide Survey ( … ide_Survey)
7. The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2014: Practice Opportunities for Occupational Therapists in India ( … s_in_India)

Hope this helps. Please feel free to reach out to me via email with questions.


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