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#1 Saturday 6th of January 2018 00:12


Seeking Study Abroad Partner Organization


My name is Monica Morrison and I am a first year doctor of occupational Therapy student at the University of Pittsburgh. I am looking to add a study abroad component to my educational curriculum. For this, I would need to implement an occupational Therapy project from mid July to the end of August (approximately 5 weeks). I am looking for any organizations abroad that would be interested in having a student develop a project for their organization. I am interested in pediatrics, refugees/human trafficking victims, and under resourced areas. I am open to go almost anywhere

Please if you have any suggestions or know if an organization, let me know



#2 Friday 12th of January 2018 06:15


Re: Seeking Study Abroad Partner Organization

Hi Monica,

There's an organisation in India called the Roots Institute which takes volunteer occupational therapists but I think it's a minimum three months.

I'll post again if I can think of any other organisations!

Good luck,


#3 Thursday 21st of March 2019 17:52


Re: Seeking Study Abroad Partner Organization

Hi Monica,

I am an Australian Occupational Therapist living and working in Merida, Mexico.

I am currently contracted by an American University supervise Occupational Therapy students during their final year clinical placement here in Merida. I am looking to expand this program to include other universities and a project placement component.

If you are still interested in forming more international connects, I would be keen to discuss this with you.

Warm regards,


#4 Monday 26th of April 2021 19:14


Re: Seeking Study Abroad Partner Organization

Hi Elizabeth,

I know it has been a while since you posted this about the opportunity in Merida, Mexico.  Myself and another pediatric OT have been volunteering as off-site supervisors for students.
We would like to explore other international fieldwork placement opportunities for students as we know there is an interest level from students for an international placement and it can be mutually beneficial for the international program.

Do you know of international organizations that are looking to develop a relationship with students?

Thank you!
Warm Regards,


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