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#1 Monday 17th of October 2016 22:46


Research projects in China

I am one of several clinicians that have personal and professional interests in the development of occupational therapy in China. My practice area is primarily pediatrics.   I am trying to locate the references and resources that illustrated the WFOT long time role and more recent initiative supporting the sustainability of occupational therapy in the PRC.  Links or references to the WFOT documents would be appreciated.
     Also I am interested in connecting with other OT's that have been involved previously in developing and supporting OT in China, worked in pediatrics China, or are currently part of academic programs with established occupational therapy initiatives with their healthcare partners in China. WFOT bulletin, OTI and other journals have published a few studies addressing this within the past decade. And there are several US universities with established connections advancing occupational therapy in China, and other countries as well. I am curious if there might be a method or location to post and share some of the guiding international policies and stakeholders influencing OT practice in China so that students, clinicians, families, healthcare business and academics all start from a more informed advance point.
     Otion is a timely resource that can help link multiple levels of efforts and connections to achieve so much more.  I look forward to a discussion on this.
Susan Skees Hermes, MS, OTR/L, BCP
Florida, USA


#2 Monday 14th of November 2016 07:50


Re: Research projects in China

Well, its a really nice sharing about the china clinicians and also the views about the therapy. so sure it would be helpful for others as a researchers. so I am also a researcher but I like areas as a visitors for discovering new thing in my life of travel.


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